What's your goal?What is your goal?

Is it to get faster? Lose weight? Lift more? Maybe go longer? Transition Point Training begins each program with a personalized fitness test. From this single assessment, we can help shape you into the athlete that you aspire to become.

TPT TestingHow does testing work?

A lactate test is performed on a bike or treadmill.  The assessment begins at a low intensity and increases to a high level of exertion.  Please contact us to make an appointment in your town or city.

TPT Cycling

Why does testing work?

Testing is like snapping multiple pictures of how your energy systems inside your body respond to exercise. The results from a test provide you with personalized data that can be used to create a customized training plan.

WinningWhat happens after the test?

The results are given immediately after the test.  We will work with you to build a program, or, you can take the results and create one yourself.




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