Field Testing

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A couple of weeks ago I offered to do some testing for an individual who is competing in distance running competitions.  This athlete wanted to stick with their training, so instead of being in the lab, I did a lactate analysis at the track.  Or, in the field.

Field testing is great way to see how your training is affecting your physiology.  It’s real time, and probably feels more natural then being in a lab.

The one key for field testing is to make sure that the protocol for the test gives the results you want.  For example, in hockey, you do not want to test a 2 minute effort for recovery.  When in any hockey game does a player skate hard for 2 minutes?   

The athlete I was testing on the track wanted to see a snap shot of their fitness.  So I recommended an incremental test, increasing speed and effort in 3 intervals of long duration (perfectly mimicking a long distance run). 

After tabulating the results the athlete saw where they were in training.  Then a new training plan could be built to help the athlete progress further.

Field testing is a perfect way to analyze yourself.  Just make sure that the protocol your using is testing what you want to review.