Assess and Progress

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Fall is coming. 

For some this means their sport season is coming to a close (triathlon for example).  For others, this means their season is just starting.  Many team sports like volleyball, hockey, soccer, and football will be in full swing in just a few short weeks.

Beginning any new season, a self assessment should be used to figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are.  Using a couple of different tests, a profile can be designed to figure out your cardiovascular and strength abilities.   The very least of these parameters should be:

Maximum ability: What is the most force you can give for a short amount of time?  Finding this will show where your ceiling is.  Improvements should be made throughout the season to raise your physiological roof. 

Recovery ability: Unless your doing just 1 effort and calling it a day, your ability to recover is paramount in any game.  Finding this parameter is the benchmark of your training. 

Threshold: Your Transition Point is the key for unlocking both of these potentials. 

Armed with this information, a season can progress successfully.  Re-assessing these abilities year round will help guide you to a higher level of competition.

Take the time to invest in your future.  Transition Point Training has sport specific tests to help any individual progress in their sport.