What goes around…

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Interesting how fashion seems to go in decades. Right now, the 80s with a little hint of the 90s is the cool thing. Being unique isn’t about the clothes. It’s about the expression the individual wearing the garment makes that creates the popularity.

Training is no different. A good example is running technique. The current fad in running (the oldest sport in the world) is bare foot running and toeing off. The African runners are the trend setters. However this isn’t new.

One individual, an Australian coach name Percy Cerutty has been promoting some of the current fads now.  Except he did it in the 1950s!
If your unfamiliar with Cerutty, he was responsible for Herb Elliott (Olympic Gold and world record holder for the mile and 1.5 K).  Cerutty’s approach to training is like your high school gym coach; “Exercise is suppose to be hard.  Pain will cleanse your soul“.  His mantra although harsh, helped make Elliott, a previous smoker, the fastest man in the 1960s for the mile. 
Cerutty’s approach to training is amazingly similar to what is now being touted to the techniques offered today.  Some characteristic of his workouts were:

  • Barefoot running (all training was done on trails and sand)
  • Hill climbing
  • Testing (no fancy gadgets, just good old fashion loops around his property)
  • Weights (he wanted his athletes strong)
  • Eat whole grains and foods that are uncooked
  • Swimming after every workout (even in frigid temperatures; think ice bath!)

Most people at the time thought he was a nut case. He had athletes running with no shoes and swimming in the ocean at his secluded training site. Plus, athletes lifted weights. Not circuits, but heavy dead lifts and bench press.

We could all learn a lesson from Cerutty.

Try not get caught up in the current fads. Look at what has worked over the previous hundred years: hard work, commitment and dedication to name three.  Add in a coach or testing regime, and you will be well on your way to success!