Youth Speed

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Some say high school is the best time of your life.  For the junior athlete, there is way more going on at this time then just voice cracking and pimple popping.  Being a teenager is full of hormonal changes that can have a huge impact on future training.  That’s if it’s take advantage of .

Think of puberty as taking steroids.  The body is working overtime to get ready to ‘build’ itself into a man or woman that has to be ready for the real world.  The real world now is University but back a few thousand years this meant war or providing food for your family.  Endurance, speed, and agilty are all things that are enhanced to help get the teenager to adulthood. 

As a parent it’s important to get your teenager out and exercising as much as possible.  Building their cardiovascular conditioning during this time is key for the future athlete.  Think massive recovery between shifts at a hockey game or improved running speed because your muscles are being fed more oxygen.  So get your child into sports that help build the heart (ie. now bowling).

If you want to learn more about this, checkout Canadian Sport For Life Model.  The information provides step by step levels at each stage of a youths life.