6 Week Plan for Strength Gains

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This was a recent strength program I tried and would give a big thumbs up for someone interested in looking to gain muscle, shed some excess weight, or even enjoy the simplistic nature of lifting weights.  The link is here for the full program.

I like the structure because, A) it’s simple, B) it trains all your muscles, C) it teaches you that you don’t have to max out on the last rep, D) it starts with a sensible way of choosing your starting reps (no guess work), and E) your in and out in the gym in under an hour.

Here is the workout breakdown:

Monday – 1) Bench Press 2) Squats 3) Dynamic rows

Wednesday –  1) Military Press 2) Deadlifts 3) Squats 4) Pull-ups

Friday – 1) Bench Press 2) Squat 3) Dynamic Rows

Again follow the link for a more complete breakdown for sets, reps, and rest time.

The science behind the format is heavy loads are used to tear muscle fibres at a very high rate but rest days are given between workout days to allow for maximal regeneration.  There were days, especially on Fridays, when I felt more fatigued but for the most part, the program allows for adequate recovery.  My biggest surprise was how little time I spent lifting (15s x 5 =45s!) and how much strength gain it generated (100% increase on shoulder press alone). 

My only suggestion if you decide to do the program is make sure you include some abdominal work.  The rate at which you add weight can put a large strain on your back if you do not execute with proper form.  I found that after some of the dynamic rows I could really feel it the next day.  After testing my abdominal strength, I definitely needed to improve in order to sustain the heavy loads.  So take pre-caution in how much you load up.

Very simple program with great results.  Try it out.