Speed Test

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Almost ready to hit the market is the debut of Transition Point Trainings speed test.  This test is designed to measure every energy system the body uses:

  • ATP
  • ATP + Pcr
  • Lactate
  • Anaerobic Glycolysis
  • Aerobic Glycolysis

If your on a team sport or participate in short course sports (< than 6 minutes), this test is for you.  The results show where your strengths are (we can compare you to professionals) and how to improve upon your weaknesses.  The test itself will only take 30 minutes not including warm up or cool down. 

The logic behind the test is timing when each energy system is at its maximum or if one is being compensated for. 

A good example of this is the lactate system.  If your highly aerobically trained (so you have very good recovery), your body can consume lactate at high intensities sparing anaerobic glycolysis.  This would prove to be a good thing except, that possibly the results would show that although highly aerobically trained, the overall speed you have is poor.  With full comprehensive results, you will see where you need to improve.

Also offered is the endurance test which is a staple among triathletes and runners.  Adding the speed test will help short course athletes find their peak performance as we have seen with the endurance athletes!