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Consistency: Without a sequence of events your just doing random training which is very hard build muscle.

Last Sunday marked the end of a 12 week program that TPT ran consisting of a 2 hour bike followed by a 60-90 minute run.  Every athlete that showed up has improved at least 10% (most 20%) of their threshold power and also gained aerobic fitness for their run.  If you are on the Ontario triathlon circuit this year, look out for these folks.

The Mantra: Show up, do the work, allow the adaptations to take place, and repeat.

Structure and slowly increasing intensity were the fundamentals behind every workout.  Each week the athletes could see how the workouts were benefiting them and finish feeling tired but not worn out.   

This process must not be rushed.

Weekend warriors fall victim to this.  Inconsistent training leads to inconsistent results.  How do you know what training works if you cannot be consistent for two weeks?  Take weight training as an example.  If you could lift 125 pounds once today, does that mean you can lift 200 pounds next week?  No, of course not. 

This spring, watch-out for falling behind the group in training and jumping back in if your body is not ready.  Repeating earlier workouts is hard to swallow but fundamental in terms of building new muscle.

If you need help with being consistent or wonder how to get back on track, please contact me.