Blood + Sweat + Science = Perfection

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Transition Point Training is built on science but operated by practical knowledge.  We know what numbers you require to reach the highest level.  We also know there are many paths to get you there.  To help you achieve your best, we use cutting edge tests to fine tune your training. 

Our tests reveal how your energy systems that run your body operate.  After an assessment, you will have clear objectives in where you need to improve.  Athletes will generally see a 10-20% increase in fitness in just 8 weeks. 

Testing is not a magic pill or a superficial treatment.  Direction is key for development.  The results you will get from a TPT test will help you accelerate your training and break your personal barriers.

TPT offers single assessments, group testing, and a variety of other services and programs.  A TPT athlete will be supported in their training and tested on a regular basis to ensure there is consistent improvement. 

If you would like to learn more about our services not currently offered on our website, please contact us.