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Sometimes you don’t need the fancy tests that TPT or other companies offer.  A very simple way to see if improvements are happening with your own training is to do a simple jump test.

Jumping is very good predictor of your overall power output (1).  So if your training for speed, you should see an increase in vertical height from your training in the jump test.  Conversely if your training for more aerobic work, you will probably see a decline in your vertical jump height.

The simplest way to perform a jump test is to put chalk dust on your hands and find a wall that is quite tall and straight.  For the jump: bend slightly at your knees with a straight back and arms 90deg by your side.  Push from this position and extend your arms up and make a mark on the wall.  Repeat 2-3 times with difference colours of chalk then use a tape measure to find the highest point reached.

You probably will not see much change in a few days or even a couple of weeks.  But in a month or two, you should see a difference in your overall vertical height.