TPT Team Finishes Second

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This past weekend, Jennifer Entwistle and Cliff Worden-Rogers raced in the TTT Ohio co-ed team event and placed second, less than 8 minutes behind the Pro Timex Team.  This extraordinary event consisted of four triathlons with a combined racing time of 21 hours in just 3 days! 

The race begins with a Super Sprint Triathlon which takes less than 25 minutes to complete.  On Saturday, there are two Olympic distance triathlons (~2.5 hours each) and on the third day, a half Ironman length triathlon (~ 5 hours).  Each race contained relentless hills, heat, and unsettling terrain.  The combined time for all the events for both racers was used to declare the winner. 

In the team format the second Olympic race and the half, racers must finish together so planning a strategy for success is crucial.  Jennifer and Cliff worked out a routine that came very close to paying off.  Their pace was built around the zones from a lactate test.  These numbers guided them throughout the weekend and on the final day, they almost raced into the winning seat passing Team Timex and finishing first of the co-ed teams in the toughest event.

This was the first time Jennifer had done this race.  This was the second time Cliff had done the race.  In 2010 he finished 3rd overall in the solo category.  

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