You Are Not Average

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A few years ago, I started questioning why everything is averaged.  It probably happened around the same time when I was in charge of quality control of a company that manufactured baseball bats.  This experience taught me that nothing is ever the same.  Two identical bats, weighing the exact same,  with the same shape and feel, can behave very differently when striking a ball.  The company wanted every bat to be the same.  But they never were!  Some were outstanding while others, duds.

Prior to my stint as a QC, I, maybe naively, thought we are more of less the same.  The harder worker won the race.  The loser just didn’t practice enough.

I know now that I was living on a cloud.  Everyone is different.  If simple products such as baseball bats can be so different, well, humans must be extra ordinary!

In the coming weeks, I’m going to contribute exercise tests that can you can do, on your own, that will help maximize your training.  Because eventually, the world is evolving to a point where everything is being customized to you.   Finally!



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