Swim Testing Results Part 2

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Swim 400 TT

I’m going to dissect the 400 TT further from my previous post.

Let’s look at the differences in 100m times:

1st 100: 1:28

2nd 100: 1:32

3rd 100: 1:34

4th 100: 1:34

The Start

The athlete who performed this time trial started in the pool.  This is important because a swimmer typically shaves off time starting from the blocks.  Since this swimmer started in the pool, his 100m times should be very similar throughout the 400.


This athlete clearly went too fast for the first 100m and paid for it the final 200m.  More than 1 second difference in 100ms at elite levels showcases a major error in mental stamina or a mistake in the pool.  At lower tiers, greater than 2 seconds difference per 100ms shows there is a problem with pacing.

To remedy a pacing issue practicing descending intervals, so getting faster with each subsequent effort, is a great way to correct this problem.  You can also use a timer such as one offered by the company Finis.


The 400m TT is a tough event to master.  It requires consistent contribution of anaerobic energy to fuel the muscles demands.  This can be very intimidating for some athletes who rarely push themselves to their full potential.

This athlete who produced the times above went to full exertion.  I know this because it took him a solid 2 minutes to move again.  This is the effort needed to use the zones in the previous post.  If you do not give a full effort then the zones will underestimate your current fitness level.  Clarity for building your future training programs requires a maximal effort.


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