The Cost to Run the Boston Marathon

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Boston is just a week away.  I thought I’d take a moment to write out the price tag for doing the race.

If you’ve ever wanted to do Boston (or have done it) than you should know the race is not cheap.  To partake in the marathon (as an international) you must pay an entry fee of $150 ($110 for US citizens).  Most people forget this because you pay for the race 6 months in advance.

My total costs for the race, as it stands right now, total $960.  That’s for me and my wife, who are driving, leaving on Saturday, and returning on Monday.  Included in these costs are a baseball game ($86) and taking a short tour around the city ($75).

Where costs really add up is the hotels.  Expect to pay at least $200 per night from Friday before the race until the day after the race (Tuesday).  Add in food, transportation, and any excursion you want to do (like a Red Sox game) and your looking at a hefty bill!  Adding up these costs really makes me think of how important lactate testing really is…

If someone trained for Boston running on average 5 hours per week for 6 months, that would mean they trained for over 120 hours.  A lactate test would work out to be $1.25/hr of running.  Now comparing my race weekend to a test,  ($150/$960*100% = 15%), it’s just tax!  To train efficiently and steer clear of injury throughout the last 6 months, yeah, I definitely would recommend doing the assessment!

I’m definitely proud to be apart of this race.  And really, money isn’t everything especially if the end goal is the enjoyment of doing something you love.  If your looking at doing a test and worried about the expense, think of it this way, it’s minimal compared to the amount you could pay in physio bills!


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