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Clear thoughts become clear goals whereas ambiguous ideas transform into missed opportunities.  In other words: Write down your goal and then outline the process about how your going to achieve it.  Here’s an example from a recent race I did.

I wanted a top 3 overall finish (I won, so that was nice).  Here’s my basic outline:

– Sleep 8-9 hours each night and nap when possible

– No missed training days

– Self massage and stretch at least twice a week

– Limit sugars to only after a workout

– At least 5 days of running each week (1 day with intervals of total quality of 4-6K, 3 easy days @ 10-15 beats <aerobic threshold, 1 brick run that progresses to race pace)

– 3 days of cycling with 1 hard day

– Swim at least 3 days a week

– Improve bike anaerobic threshold by 10W and aerobic run by 5s/km

Keep the outline to a basic overview.  The actual schedule, see my previous post, is where you want to put the details.


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