Training Day: August 18

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Wake-up: 5:45am – Drank a quick cup of coffee and headed out to the ocean for a planned 4K swim.  Nothing special: just get out and swim (TT set for 0.75).   Saw lots of sea critters: a few eels and several large crabs.  Unfortunately, had to swim to shore at hour because of potential lightening.

9:45am: 70′ Trail run on top of Sugar Loaf.  A six minute climb to get to the trail entrance (potential Strava segment) and then ran mostly aerobic (zone 1-2) except for the steep pitches (zone 5!).

7:00pm Bike test: Legs were a bit tired but I wanted to see how my fitness was progressing.  Aerobic zone was 3.6 W/kg which on fresh legs would be around 4, so I was happy about that.  Anaerobic zone was about 4.6 W/kg which definitely needs improving. I hope to add in some long zone 4 efforts on the bike this fall to get my anaerobic wattage over the 325 mark for next year.


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