Training Day: August 22

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Wake-up: 6:45am

On the MTB bike at 8:00am and rode for about an hour until I had to come back to the house to meet a gent dropping off an excavator I rented for the weekend (play time!).

On the MTB x 2 at 12:00pm.  This time I rode up Sugar Loaf mountain and dropped the bike off at the top.  I ran back down and did 3 x 1K trail hill repeats with 1K recovery (run back down to the start).  Each repeat was at a zone 4-5 intensity.  After the third repeat I jumped on the MTB for a 15′ rip through the woods.  Learned that I definitely need to wear gloves as my sweaty hands made it very difficult to control the bike. I came back and hammered out another repeat and then ran an extra 2.5K on the trails.


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