Training Day: September 5, 2014

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Training is going well as I build towards Xterra USA National Champs in Utah (Sept 20).  Most of workouts are off-road, so, MTBing or trail running.  Lately all my swimming workouts have been in open water.  Thankfully the ocean is still warm enough to go for a dip!

Today’s workout: 2 rounds of the following

Swim: 10′ @ easy with TT set to 0.8 .  Than set TT to 0.73 and hammer back.

Transition to MTB.

MTB: Ride ~10 minutes on gravel road to Keppoch Mountain.  Ride east side trail @ zone 3-4 intensity, ride easy back down Cougar/Chicken, ride west side trail at zone 3-4 intensity and then coast back the mountain and back to the water.

Total workout time was just over 2 hours.  Approximately 40 minutes riding in zone 2-4.  I had a PB on east side trail by 10 seconds!  This was on my second ascent which made it even sweeter!


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