The In Between Workouts

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Generally I post the bigger workouts that will influence my speed, strength, and stamina.  However, today I’ll share in between workouts that help me feel fresh.

I like to follow a hard swim workout with an easy run.  I find an easy run will relieve the tension that is built in the upper body when swimming at race pace or faster.

I like to follow a hard ride or hard run with a swim workout.  After a hard leg workout I rarely want to go out and do another leg session, so , I head to the pool and do pull sets.

The duration of the following workouts depends on the time of year and what race I plan on doing.

The key to knowing your own body is taking note how you feel after each workout and then how you feel after the subsequent workout.  Ask yourself: do I feel better or worst?  Try experimenting with different training session orientations for maximum performance value.


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