Need help achieving your next goal?  Follow these three easy steps to begin working with us!

See below for our coaching fees.

Step 1: Each coached athlete will begin with a sport specific assessment
Step 2: After the assessment we will complete a comprehensive questionnaire to learn more about your goals and training history
Step 3: We create your personalized schedule and send it to you.  The best part, you work out and we track your progress!  Interested?  Please contact us!


Coaching Fees – Programming is sent via email

Package Description
Single sport ($100/month*)Strength, Running, Cycling, and Swimming Weekly training schedules are designed for you using your customized training zones.  Each day is planned so all you only have to concentrate on completing the training!
Multi-sport package (2x sports) ($150/month*) This package is great for individuals who are routinely training with a swim group.
Triathlon package (All 3 sports) ($185/month*) Perfect for the busy triathlete: Every swim, bike, and run workout is written for you
Customized training package or personal training (cost varies) This package is ideally for individuals who require help building a workout schedule or someone who needs feedback on their technique (such as run gait or squat form)

*Costs are subject to change

Interested in a new program?  Please contact us!

Cliff is responsible for my significant time trial improvements on the bike. His programming is easy to follow and the workouts are actually fun!  I enjoy my training even the hard days 🙂” – Andrew Buzzell, Moncton, NB 

Andrew placed 2nd Overall at the 2014 Canadian National Road Cycling Championships)