Our Goal


Transition Point Training’s goal is to provide athletes everywhere with practical exercise solutions based on sound scientific evidence.

We will go wherever we can to help.

This principal is something that Transition Point Training’s founder, Cliff Worden-Rogers, was very passionate about creating.


Cliff grew up in a very rural community without access to a high performance training center or sport specific testing.  It wasn’t until he was in his early twenties that he finally got the opportunity to train at a world class facility.  He was chosen along with a select group of elite triathletes to participate in a study at a test center in British Columbia.   After completing the various tests he realized that the data from these assessments was far more important than having a superb facility.   Cliff returned home and started acquiring the right testing tools and learning the best tests so he could build a, ‘mobile’ test center.  It took several years of schooling but he finally achieved his dream when he created Transition Point Training.

If you’d like Transition Point Training to visit you please contact us.