Transition Point Training focuses on your needs as an individual. Using assessments based upon scientific research and practical knowledge, we shape you into the athlete that you aspire to become. Any doubts about your training or uncertainties about what to do next will be answered after just one test. You can expect to see increases of 10-30% increase in performance in just 4-8 weeks because of the accelerated learning curve of identifying exactly where attention is needed.

Testing is not a magic pill or a superficial treatment. We take a snap shot of your fitness by looking at how the energy systems inside your body function, and if there are any biomechanical issues preventing further improvements. After an explanation of the results, you will have a clear understanding for the direction of their training. This is why testing is so effective: There is no guessing, and the results are individual.

Endurance Sports: The road to success is long for any sport.  Endurance athletes expect this, taking on challenging goals of doing a triathlon or ultramarathon.  Figuring out your training does not have to painful.  A test provides:

  1. Direction for future training 
  2. Testing gives the athlete a clear indication of their fitness level
  3. Zones are provided to guide the athlete in their training

Individual Sports:  Sports like squash or tennis rely on speed, agility, and a strong mental game.  Testing helps the athlete understand where their conditioning is weak.  An improved foundation means:

  1. Faster recovery
  2. Increased power transfer
  3. Outlasting your opponents with a higher level of endurance

New Field Testing: Are you a Do it Yourself Athlete?  This option is great if you like to make your own programs but would really like some feedback on your progress.  Field testing can help you:

  1. Fine tune your training
  2. Stay on track
  3. Target the right energy systems