Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight or gain muscle?  A lactate test can help guide you with your training.  The results of the test identify the energy systems used in your body and how they function.  You are given heart rates, speeds (for a treadmill), or power (for a bicycle or rowing erg) for which you can accelerate your fitness.

Here is a client who truly benefitted from the Transition Point Training system:

Losing weight is hard enough but add in four small children, all under 8 years old, and being the owner of a company, time management is crucial.  For Seamus, this was his situation.  He got tired of looking at his 275lb frame and decided to do something about it.  After consulting with TPT, he was given a plan that fit his life: 4 hours of exercise a week and a nutrition plan that involved his family.

In 6 months, he lost 50lbs. His secret?  Training smart and perseverance.  The best part is, he has kept the weight off!


Transition Point Training has mobile units that can come to you.  Prior notice is required so please contact us.