Endurance Testing

"Moncton Road Race"

Training for triathlon can involve long hours of endurance workouts. Training at the correct intensity can shorten the amount of time required for developing long distance speed. Below are two examples of athletes who were training for Ironman and how TPT helped accomplish their goals.

Jennifer was lactate tested in June with her target Ironman race in September. The results indicated she had great base, this coming from previous years of running, but lacked anaerobic power. After 6 weeks of increased intensity she had a fairy tale of a race finishing second overall in her age group and getting a Kona slot for 2012.

In late May Jacob, came in for lactate testing ahead of his November Ironman. A prior hockey player, Jacob had never done a marathon let alone a season of triathlon specific training. After completing both run and bike tests, he had a clear picture of where his training needed to be improved. Jacob re-tested in September after a summer of purposeful training and his improvements were staggering, especially his bike numbers! In just 8 weeks he increased his power outputs by 30%! Jacob’s projected Ironman time went from 14 hours to just 11 because of his dedication to training with guidance from TPT’s data.

Lactate Test

Testing eliminates the guess work and allows you to improve the area that needs it most.  Ideally you should be tested 4 times a year to track progress, evaluate new zones, and compare results.

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