Team Sports

TPT hockey specific test is compsed of  an on-ice segment that takes 30 minutes and an off-ice segment that takes 15 minutes to complete.  The on ice testing identifies each energy system (see below) and the off-ice segment consists of a functional movement screen.  All the results are explained after the test is finished and the athlete will know where they are and the direction they need to go.  This is the most comprehensive test and will surpass your expectations!

Energy systems identified in hockey

  1. Acceleration: For immediate energy supply, ATP is broken down to give maximal energy to the working muscles. 
  2. Sprint: Anaerobic glycolysis performs the critical rate of rapidly supplying energy beyond that available from the stored high energy ATP-CP system.
  3. Repeatability:  The lactic acid system allows for the rapid formation of ATP when the energy demands outweigh the muscle’s capacity to produce ATP aerobically.
  4. Recovery:  Aerobic glycolysis is a slower rate of energy transfer but is crucial for the athlete to perform well in the later stages of a game.
  5. Lactate: This is one of the best markers that allows us to look inside the window of your body and see how your muscles are operating.

High intensity intermittent skating, rapid changes in velocity, and frequenct body contact are characteristics specific to the sport of hockey. Each shift demands the use of every energy system the body has just to tolerate the physical demands of the game.  Start your season off on the right foot by knowing where you and your teammates need to perform better. 

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